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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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deficiencies that need to be remiveed. -- removed. in some cases you could see in these debates that the logical kind of undermined, then the emotional and the nervous aspect would prevail, the destructive aspect would prevail at times. it's depicting the status quo, looking upon the dark side of things could be seen during these debates and also casting doubt on the performance of the previous governments could be seen. they were both negative. such allegations were raised. they were never proved anywhere.
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. . i, like many other people, never watched all of these tv debates i enjoyed the freedom of expression. and the fact that the -- they
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have gone to the people and help them decide better. this is what i enjoyed. the parts, the deficiency made me sad. for supporters of the candidate, again, those parts in which negative aspects, supporters did not like those parts either. it worried them. it was done on both sides. hear, in this platform a part of the prayers i should reveal the facts. both sides, both candidates in the debate had their own
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problems and deficiencies, unfortunately. on one hand, they were explicit against the incumbent president of the country, even two or three months before this debate the speeches were given to me, i sometimes heard there have been allegations and insults. who were these insults addressed to? to the residents of the country? the president, who is trusted by the people, they accused him of lying. this is no good. they fabricated some documents of the government performance,
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and they handed them out here and there. we know what is happening in this country. we know where this begins. they are not true. they swore, and they called the president superstitious, and they called him names, which is embarrassing. they forgot about morality and law. on the other hand, almost the same thing happened by the other candidates. the performance of the past 30 years was undermined. some people's names were mentioned, people who are among
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the great personalities of the establishment. they are the same people who spent most of their life for the cause of this revolution. because i have to mention some names here. specifically, -- and --, i have to mention their names. nobody has accused these gentlemen of corruption. among the relatives and family members, if anyone has any complaints, they should refer to judicial sources. you cannot raise such issues
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before they are proved. if something is proved, every society member is equal and you can raise the issue. but you cannot raise such claims if they are not approved. when things are mentioned, a misunderstanding happens. then they think the wrong way. everyone knows him. i know him. i have known him for 52 years. he is one of the main elements
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of the revolution, and the course of the islamic revolution, he has been one of the most active supporters of the revolution before the islamic revolution, and after the revolution he was one of the most effective political figures alongside the late imam. he has been alongside the leadership to date. several times on several occasions he nearly got assassinated. before the revolution, before they give away his belongings for the cause of the revolution, you must know this fact. after the revolution, he had different responsibilities.
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he had some other major positions. i do not know of one incident in which she accumulated -- he accumulated wealth. i don't know anything about that. these are the facts that everyone should know. the most sensitive. he was at the service of the revolution and the established -- the revolution. the numerous faces, we have different opinions with mr. rafsanjani. we should not create a misunderstanding for people.
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between him and the president, they have had no difference of opinion since the president came to office. they have their different opinions in foreign policy in the manner of spreading social justice, as well as in some cultural issues. the president's ideas are closer to mind. -- to mind. e. [chanting] it is the same story.
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he has also served the revolution. live tv debates are good. after the debate i talk to the president and warned him that i knew he would listen to me. regarding fighting corruption, it is clear. in the issues related to social justice, we have a clear-cut stand. corruption should be fought anywhere is -- it is.
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i want to mention a point here. we do not blame our establishment, there is no corruption, no financial economic corruption. yet there is corruption -- writing a letter addressed to the heads of the three branches of government. we have that kind of corruption. the islamic establishment is one of the soundest and healthiest establishments and the world
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over today. contributing to some zionist report and sources, interpreting based on those reports, accusing the government of a country of corruption is not the right thing to do. questioning the credibility is not the right thing to do either. financial corruption is an important issue, it must be fought against in the judiciary, executive and legislative branches of government. everyone is obliged to fight comes -- corruption. if it is not brought under control, it will regress a further, as you can see in many western countries, who are
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claiming of campaigning, money laundering and such issues. they are up to their ears immersed in such corruption. you heard the u.k. officials remarks. this is only part of the scandal. this data goes way beyond what is publicized. let me summarize this. the friday election was an epic. the epic is historical and affected the world. some of our enemies in different parts of the out world intended to depict this absolute victory and this definitive pact --
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victory. they wanted to indicate that as a doubtful victory. some even wanted to show this is the eight national defeat. they wanted to give you a bad taste in your mouth. they could not see that the highest turn out in the world goes down in your name. they cannot manipulate it no more. [chanting]
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the time for competition is over. all those people who voted for these four candidates, they will have their rewards of god almighty. they all fought in the battle front of this establishment. this might have been considered as worship for some of these people, depending on their intention. 40 million people have voted for the revolution lists. -- not only the 24 million that went for the president, 40 million votes in favor of the revolution. people trust, they have their trust. but some supporters of some candidates should also know -- should be sure that the islamic
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establishment will never manipulate people's votes and commit treason. [chanting] the legal structures, it does not allow any of vote rigging. everyone is in charge of the election process, they approve of this fact. 11 million voted difference -- a vote difference, but for 1
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million maximum, maybe there has been some vote manipulation. there is a difference of 11 million votes. how can vote rigging happened? at the same time, the point regarding council, the fact that doubts, then it should be dealt with. there are legal ways. everything that should be dealt with only through legal channels. i will never accept illegal
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innovations. [chanting] today, if the legal framework are broken, and in the future, no election will be safe. every election, some people are winners and some are losers. no election will be trusted in the future.
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therefore, things should be investigated the right way based on blog -- on the the law. if there are is any doubt, there is no deficiency to that. the candidates have the rights to have their monitors and observers, they have a right to file complaints. i ask the guardian council if they want to conduct a we count, they can do it in the president -- presidenpresent other counci we have no problem with that. that is why i wanted to address to. -- address you. now i want to address the
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politicians, and the candidates whose party leaders and political groups. i want to tell this group of people that today we are at a critical historical juncture in this country. if you look at the situation in the middle east, the economic situation across the world. if you consider the issues of our neighboring countries, this is a critical point, a critical juncture of history. all of us are duty-bound at this historic juncture to remain vigilant, to be careful and cautious, and not to make mistakes.
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in the election, people did what they were responsible to do, and they did it the right way. but we have heavy responsibilities on our shoulders. those who in some ways -- those who are looked upon as source among politicians and those orders trading political waves. those people should be so cautious about their words and deeds. if they showed just a little bit of extremism, and then this extremism will penetrate into the ranks of the people and will
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lead to dangerous consequences, which will get out of their control. they themselves cannot control it at some point. extremism in the country, in society will make another extremists. if political elite want to ignore law and break the law, and take wrong measures which are harmful, they will be held accountable for all of the violence, the blood, and the rioting. [chanting]
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i recommend all these people come of these friends of mine, to teach self restraint and patience. they should see the enemy hands working. it date should see the hungry wolves lying in ambush, removing the mask of diplomacy from their faces, and showing their true fate. i recommend that they open their eyes and see the enemy. the diplomats of some western countries who have been dealing,
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through diplomatic rhetoric the past few days they have removed that mask. you can see their turf races now days. -- you can see their faces now days. -- the most treacherous as the government of britain. i tell these brothers of ours to think of their responsibility, they are responsible to god. they will be judged by their
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performance. lott is the source of reference for everyone --law is the reference. what is an election held for? what is the reason for holding an election? all the difference should be held at the ballot boxes. that is what an election is for. the ballot boxes shirred determine what the people want and what they don't want. not on the streets. [chanting]
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if after every election, those who have lost votes, if they take to the streets, take their supporters to streets, and those who have secured the votes, if they have supporters on the streets. why hold elections then? people are having their business, frequently in the streets. they live there. we should not go to the street and show off our supporters to people.
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for a terrorist agent, and insider, who is going to deal a terrorist blow, that is not a political issue. for those issue, hiding a bomb -- hiding among the mass of people is the thing. it is a very good cover up for those people, who will then be responsible for this. the same people who got killed in the past rioting, they were from the huge members. who is to be held accountable for this? the reactions to be shown, they might take advantage of the
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situation. there will be a reaction, naturally. who will be responsible for these? you feel so bad hearing about this. they go to university, dormitories, they attack the dormitories and a tax students who support these revolutionaries. my heart goes to these people. [chanting]
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arms rustling, the right thing to do after the election? if only challenges the election and a democracy. i want everyone to put an end to this. this is not the right thing to do. if they don't stop this, then of the consequences and the writing, everything, they will be held accountable for this.


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